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We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in ArtPrize 2014 at Mayan Buzz Cafe!  We will be again be showcasing artwork from Valetta Brenzon and Yoyoe (Jospehine Bradley Scott) and are thrilled that they will be coming over from Australia for a closing show on October 12, 2014.  Check back soon for more information on the closing show

If you are interested in having them come to your treatment center to do body image workshops and/or art therapy, please contact us for more information.


ArtPrize 2012

ArtPrize 2012
I Am Human
September 19th-October 7th


I am human is a collaborative body of work created by Australian artist ‘Yoyoe’, aka Josephine Bradley Scott and filmmaker and photographer Kirsten Brenzón in Support of MiEDA. We are happy to announce it will be exhibited as a part of Art Prize 2012 the largest Art Prize in America, at Purple East a funky retail store that transforms into a three story Gallery.  The exhibition is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA from September 19th until October 7th.

Plans are underway to launch I am human in Australia late 2012/early 2013.

Diversity of the human form is celebrated in the innovative medium of body paint, a method of expression used throughout time to transform the body from an object of function into something of worship and wonder. Yoyoe and Kirsten have worked with models who have transcended a negative body relationship or are individuals who embody acceptance and gratitude for their physical form.

An uplifting approach to the pertinent topic of ‘body image’, I am human invites the audience to connect with what makes us unique, powerful and beautifully human. Classic black and white photography highlights the intricate body art. Viewers can also get involved with a colourful interactive piece capturing and contributing their own image to the exhibition.

All models and artists are working voluntarily.

Yoyoe is an eclectic Melbourne based artist working with the mediums of ink, oil, spray can and body paint. Her art has touched an assortment of surfaces from infant clothing ranges, to Sportsgirl campaigns, city walls and notably, the human body. Yoyoe has body painted for numerous company events and branch launches including Lulu Lemon, Virgin, Ansell and Preface Films.

A passionate body image activist she has worked with respected organisations such as The Breast Cancer Foundation, The Butterfly Foundation, Eating Disorders Victoria, Art2Healing and is delighted to be partnering with MiEDA for the I am human project. She is combining her skills as an Illustrator and Hatha yoga instructor in art therapy workshops with teenagers to generate positive body image.

Valetta Brenzón (formerly Kirsten), New Zealand-born film-maker and photographer has worked on various productions in New Zealand and Australia including music videos, short films, feature films and documentaries, most recently as co-producer of surfing documentary "SEWN - The Shores of Aotearoa Seen Through the Eyes of Longboarders", released in New Zealand cinemas early in 2012.

Professionally trained in film production with the New Zealand Film & Television School in 2009, Valetta later moved to Australia where she underwent informal photographic training under Czech Republic photographer Martina Hušková. Photographic themes to date have been Street Art, Body Painting, and Tattoos, as well as travel shoots in Samoa, India, Borneo and Australia.

Currently completing a BA in Anthropology, Valetta's focus for her film and photographic work is on embracing cultures' unique differences and various forms of expression while at the same time celebrating our shared humanness.

I am human is her first collaboration with Yoyoe, with the pair also currently in pre-production on 'Embody', an art-piece documentary focusing on improving body image awareness through workshops aimed at young women in Australian schools, which is scheduled for shooting in 2013.
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ArtPrize 2011

We are excited to share with you our ArtPrize entry. Patients, as apart of their art therapy, helped to created these eight panels. They were asked to answer questions like "What does an eating disorders feel like or look like" and "What does recovery from an eating disorder look like and feel like".

Click to view our slide show of our panels.
Here is our Exhibit Guide which will be available for your use as you view the panels at Immanuel Lutheran Church.