FREE CEU event for PROFESSIONALS 2.24.23 9 - 12 p.m. at Sanford Behavioral Health 1514616th Ave. Marne, MI 49435



In honor of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2024

FREE CEU Event for Professionals

3/01/24   9 - 12 p.m.  GVSU Eberhard Center








The Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, and other iconic landmarks around the country, lit up in honor of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. 





MiEDA was founded to increase awareness of eating disorders, provide education for their prevention, and to decrease stigma for sufferers.  



     JORDAN CARSON - Honorary Advocate

Jordan Carson is a national award-winning journalist and television host. Her experience includes hosting lifestyle talk shows, reporting live, red carpet coverage during awards season and in-studio teleprompter and impromptu conversations. Jordan's multicultural background allows her to relate to a wide demographic of viewers. Jordan connects with viewers on-air, on-line and through many social media sites.

Jordan is passionate on the topic of eating disorder awareness, and produced an Emmy nominated documentary, "Dying to be Thin", on the misconceptions and myths centered around eating disorders, in memory of her late sister. 

Jordan graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.  She currently volunteers with several charities and enjoys working with non-profit organizations which give back to the community. 

Interested in booking Jordan as a speaker to raise awareness about mental health and eating disorders?




Our Mission:

Since our inception our primary focus has been educational presentations, particularly at schools. We have collaborated with other like-minded organizations around the country and now own several age appropriate presentations for different school populations. We were also instrumental in the creation of an educational version of the documentary The Student Body. Any of these programs are available free for use in your local school. 

To increase community awareness around Eating Disorders we have sponsored Awareness Walks; had three displays in Art Prize, and sponsored an event for girls called The Body Beautiful. During the pandemic our outreach efforts were limited to virtual presentations: a self care conference in 2021, and a showing of The Student Body followed by a discussion with a panel of experts and the film's creator, Bailey Webber, in 2022. 

In 2023 we have decided to focus our energy on presentations and training for professionals. The pandemic has both increased the incidence of eating disorders (most organizations who provide treatment report inquiries are up by as much as 50%); AND exposed the lack of training in the medical and mental health community. Since early detection and referral to appropriate treatment sources is critical for a good outcome, lack of knowledge in the professional community can have devastating results.